blue-S for Violoncello (Print)

blue-S for Violoncello (Print)

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by Ulrich Schultheiss
blue-S comprises of typical blues chord changes, but it´s structure differs from the typical 12-bar blues. Sophisticated blues scales and alternate scales create a feeling of "notated" improvisation, but still leaving the performer plenty of playful liberties.

blue-S was composed in 1991 for the cellist Ksenija Jankovic. There is also a version for violin, dedicated to the violinist Kolja Lessing and a version for viola. There is a particularly effective arrangement for trio with the title blue-S for-3, which was written for the cellist Julius Berger and the trio Cellissimo.

blue-S is "... jazzy, but also much more than that, as the composer justifiably explores far beyond this genre, yet from this distance gains a new insight to the genre.’’
(The violinist Kolja Lessing about blue-S)
A video on You-Tube can be found here (click)!

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