The Historical Trombone Vol. 1: The Renaissance Trombone (CD)

The Historical Trombone Vol. 1: The Renaissance Trombone (CD)

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by Ercole Nisini
Dresden-based trombonist, Ercole Nisini, has begun a project entitled 300 Years of theTrombone's Repertoire on four CDs. Each CD is accompanied by performance editions of the pieces that comprise a selection of the trombone's repertoire from 1553 to 1837. By interpreting original pieces for trombone with historical performance practices and a collection of historical instruments, he will present the sounds of the trombone of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. The first CD features the earliest known original work for trombone - Francesco Rognoni's diminutions on Orlando Lassus' Susanna ung jour. In many Renaissance works,  composers allowed the performers latitude in the choice of instruments for the most practical of reasons - one could use only the players and instruments that were at hand. Many of these "flexible instrumentation" works are excellent for use by a trombonist. Thus one finds that many works of the "bastarda" realm in which one plays or improvises on the skeleton of a motet or madrigal and creates a new part that crosses all of the voices are ideally suited to the wide range of the trombone. All of the works on the CD are heard on a Renaissance sacbut for the first time.
  • Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde: Canzon, A 2. Basso & Soprano
  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada Ottava "La Follia"
  • Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde: Vestiva i Colli passeggiato a doi Basso e Soprano
  • Ercole Nisini: Imporvisation super Ave Maris Stella
  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada Primera/Recercada Segunda "Passamezzo"
  • Giovanni Battista Bovicelli: Io son ferito ahi lasso, del Palestrina
  • Diego Ortiz: Quinta Pars "Ruggiero"
  • Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde: Fantasia Basso solo
  • Francesco Rognoni-Taeggio: Pulchra es del Palestrina per il Basso da Cantar alla Bastarda
  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada Prima
  • Francesco Rognoni-Taeggio: Susana d´Orlando. Modo di passegiar per il Violone Over Trombone alla Bastarda
  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada Tercera "Passamezzo moderno"
  • Giovanni Bassano: Nasce la pena mia. Per più parti
  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada Sesta/Recercada Settima "Romanesca"
  • Claudio Monteverdi: Ab aeterno ordinata sum. Motetto a Voce sola in basso

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