ping pong for four Bass Recorders (Print)

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by Ulrich Schultheiss
ping pong, a quartet composed in a minimalist in style with colourings of jazz, was composed for two bass recorders in F, bass recorder in C and contrabass recorder in F. The composer incorporates lyrical phrases, rhythmical networks, and groovy passages, and creates an image of a table tennis game with both synchronised players and players with their own special moves.
This sophisticated ensemble composition was written for the „Quartet New Generation“ (QNG).
There also exists a shorter version of ping pong (2008/2013), which was written in cooperation with the ensemble Flautando Köln. Please let us know via email what version you wish to order (the price is the same). Don´t hesitate to contact us ( in case you have any questions concerning the two versions. 

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